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At one time many people considered that the mother would retain custody after divorce. In this modern day, fathers and mothers are treated equally with regard to parental rights. Many divorce cases involve custody disputes, and many more fathers are seeking and winning custody of their children. If you are a mother that is concerned about child custody issues, we understand what you are going through.

At Rubenfeld Law Firm, we have helped countless clients retain custody of their child or negotiating joint custody in cases in which the two parents are in contention. We believe that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to family law matters, and our Long Island divorce lawyer has more than25 years of divorce and family law experience.

We have a reputation for providing clients with outstanding legal guidance throughout the entire divorce process, including protecting the rights of mothers to access to their children. If you are currently seeking custody of your child and have any questions regarding protecting your mother's rights, please call the firm today.

Custody, Visitation and Support: Mother's Rights in New York

We understand how upsetting custody issues are and we are zealous in protecting the rights of mothers who are seeking to gain or retain custody. Factors that could affect custody for either parent include any mental illness, any history of neglect, drug addiction and other factors that could influence a decision by the court. False allegations could be made regarding abuse or neglect, which must be addressed with a high level of professional legal skill.

Due to the fact that a woman's role in the society has changed markedly over the past few decades, many factors such as work schedules and career issues will be evaluated by the court when making a decision about child custody. Custody battles are often the most emotionally taxing of all divorce issues, however, an experienced family law attorney can guide you and your family through this time effectively and efficiently.

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