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Many people assume that child custody and child support are automatically gifted to the mother of any children. That is not the truth, however. Fathers have the same protected parental rights as mothers do under New York law. If you believe that your rights as a father are being compromised, you should speak with a Long Island family lawyer from our firm at your earliest convenience.

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Our firm has advocated for fathers for more than two decades. In all, our Long Island fathers’ rights lawyer has more than 25 years of divorce and family experience to back up your legal claim. We know what it takes to create and present a strong case. At Rubenfeld Law Firm, we can fight aggressively to make sure that you are given the full rights and benefits you deserve, so that you can develop and maintain a relationship with your child.

Long Island Divorce Attorney Protecting Your Rights as a Father in New York

Under New York law, child custody and visitation decisions cannot be based on a parent’s gender. Instead, the decision must always be based on what is in the child’s best interests. Fathers’ rights can include the right to child custody, the right to child visitation, and the ability to make decisions as a parent. In more and more cases, fathers are also receiving child support payments after a divorce.

In child custody cases, a family or divorce court will consider factors such as:

  • Who is the main caregiver
  • The parent’ work schedules
  • Each parent’s parenting abilities
  • The preferences of the child (when older)

Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, pursuing visitation rights, embarking on divorce, or are involved in a paternity or other family law case, you can depend on our fathers’ rights lawyer. We are known for delivering the tenacious representation that gets results. Don’t hesitate to see what personalized, powerhouse representation can achieve for you.

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