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If you or your spouse is serving in the military and wishes to divorce, a multitude of issues may arise that might not have in a typical, civilian divorce.

Filing for a Military Divorce

The act of filing for a military divorce can often be one of the more difficult steps in the entire process. If the military spouse is currently deployed or active on a military base out of state, determining where the paperwork can actually be filed is not clear and hardly convenient. A courtroom with jurisdiction over both spouses must be located and it is usually where the military spouse is domiciled currently. If travel time to file the paperwork is to be avoided, the military spouse may have to return from active duty before beginning the divorce process.

To avoid weeks or months of delay, contact an experienced Long Island divorce attorney at the Rubenfeld Law Firm today. Even if one of the spouses is actively deployed, the process can begin immediately with professional help.

Federal and State Laws

State laws may be affected or overridden by federal laws in certain military divorce cases, often depending on the military spouse’s deployment status. It is important to understand the differences that may come into play when filing for a divorce as an active member of the U.S. military, and you may require professional legal services.

Aspects that are commonly affected by federal law include:

  • Child support and spousal support - Payment requirements may not align with your state’s laws, and failure to comply can result in ejection from the military.
  • Marital property - The division of assets and debts can be affected by military divorce regulations. The Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act and the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act are likely to determine aspects of property and debt division.
  • Child custody - Although it may be determined that the military spouse is better suited to have physical custody of a child, current deployment may make this impossible. The court may need to help determine who should care for the child in such situations.

Take Action Today – Do Not Delay Due to Deployment

A divorce is never easily navigated. Adding active military service into the equation can add more twists and turns into the process. The first and most important step is seeking help from an experienced military divorce attorney who comprehends the specifics. With more than 25 years of representing clients in family law and military cases in Long Island, New York, the Rubenfeld Law firm has a record of dedication and compassion. We would be honored to reward your sacrifice with our own great service.

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