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After the court issues an order, be it a child custody, alimony, or visitation order, it can have such a ring of finality to it that people often forget that they are allowed to ask for a modification. Even still, modification requests can be tricky and should be pursued with the assistance of a Long Island divorce lawyer.

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How do I request a court modification?

As you seek modification, you must ensure that your petition is presented in a clear and effective manner within the family law court. The court wants to see that a significant change in circumstances has occurred before they grant a modification of any kind. Although this significant change can vary from case to case, many changes are extremely common.

Some of these changes include:

  • Employment updates
  • Moving to a new area
  • Health problems
  • Remarriage
  • The needs of the child or parent change

Demonstrating this change in circumstances is considered the 'burden of proof.' This means that it is your responsibility to show the court why you need modified orders and if children are involved, why it would be in their best interest

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We can help you determine if your change in circumstances is enough to warrant a modification and then craft a petition that will be submitted to the court. The clearer your petition, the better your changes for obtaining new orders.

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