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Are you a high net worth individual or do you have a complex estate and are facing divorce in New York? Are you concerned about whether your prenuptial agreement can be enforced? You will likely be concerned with various financial issues that must be discussed during any divorce. We encourage you to obtain legal representation in order to effectively resolve a dispute regarding your marital assets and liabilities. At the Rubenfeld Law Firm, we provide experienced legal representation and divorce services that are tailored to the specific needs of individuals with high net worth. High net worth divorce cases are often contested because of the issues that must be addressed.

These cases are typically strenuous because of disputes over matters such as:

If you are navigating a high net worth divorce, you will need a Long Island family law attorney who can help you sort through marital assets, including:

  • Family businesses
  • Corporations
  • Professional partnerships
  • Stock portfolios
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • Art collections
  • Vehicles
  • Jewelry

Whatever you have invested your valuable money into, you will want to protect it from the other party during divorce. Our firm can help ensure that your assets are safeguarded during this process.

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If your divorce is complex because of your high net worth, you should immediately speak with a lawyer who has experience handling these circumstances. We focus on preserving our clients' financial stability and the assets that belong to them. We can assist you through many legal and financial issues pertaining to the divorce process. After assessing the unique aspects of your case, we can develop a strategic plan to protect your assets. With more than 25 years of divorce law experience, you can trust in us to help you navigate your case successfully.

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