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Filing for divorce is never easy. You will be separating much more than your marital relationship. You will have to divide your home, assets, and debts with your current spouse. If you have children, then even your parental relationship will be divided into visitation hours or the terms of a child custody arrangement. These crucial decisions might even be made by a judge on your behalf. In this complicated time, your choice of family law attorney will affect all the other vital decisions you face. You need a legal advocate you can trust.

Is it better to get a lawyer for divorce?

It is understandable that people would wish to look for a divorce attorney who can aggressively defend them in court. A lawyer can help navigate your legal documents and court proceedings. It is recommended to have some degree of expert assistance as you may be unintentionally waiving rights or obliging yourself to things you did not foresee.

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You don’t just have to take our word for it. If you are facing divorce in New York, we vow to provide the compassionate legal support that you deserve through every step of your divorce. You can experience this caring, skilled advocacy for yourself when you set up your case evaluation with our Long Island divorce lawyer.

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If you choose to work with our Long Island divorce attorney, you can know that you working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Beyond that, you can rest assured knowing that your divorce lawyer is committed to the pursuit of excellence, effective communication, and strict personal and professional ethics. We will also take the time to get acquainted with your unique situation. Our firm can help you find the personalized legal strategies you need to protect your rights and your future.

Before You File for Divorce in NY

If you have decided to divorce in New York State, you are no longer required to state the grounds for your divorce, which was true just a few years ago. However, you and/or your spouse must still meet residency requirements before you file for divorce in Long Island or anywhere else in New York.

To meet New York’s residency requirements, you must fulfill one of the following:

  • You married in New York and one spouse lived here for at least one year before filing
  • You lived as a married couple in New York and one spouse has lived in the state for at least one year before filing for divorce
  • At least one spouse has lived in New York for a minimum of two years before filing

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