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Attorney Michael Rubenfeld Selected to the National Association of Distinguished Counsel Nation's Top One Percent


Rubenfeld Law Firm has once again manifested a commitment to excellence with Attorney Michael Rubenfeld’s honor as being part of the “Nation’s Top One Percent.” This distinction has been given from the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. It is a display of Michael Rubenfeld’s devotion to his clients and to being a dedicated advocate of those who are going through divorce. He is one of the select few who have been chosen to join this membership and has successfully passed through each of the four stages.

Stages of the Nomination Process

In order to be selected as a candidate for the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, the attorney will be evaluated and researched by an in-house search team. Those who are nominated will then proceed to the vetting process which is conducted by researchers from the organization. If they succeed through this stage, a blue ribbon panel of attorneys will then study the results and further narrow down the selection. Finally, a judicial review board will choose the final candidates, which comprise only 1% of the nation’s top attorneys.

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel is designed to display legal advocates who demonstrate unique abilities and the highest capabilities in providing legal services. Attorney Michael Rubenfeld, a Long Island family law attorney at our firm, has two decades of experience practicing law. He approaches cases with a unique balance between aggressive advocacy and compassionate guidance. His reputation, however, is what sets him apart. He is known as a skilled litigator and a dedicated legal advisor.

Contact Rubenfeld Law Firm for experienced representation if you are pursuing a divorce or have been served with divorce papers.

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