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Christie Brinkley Divorce Battle Continues


Four years after their split, the battle between Christie Brinkley and former husband Peter Cook continues. Last June, Christie Brinkley appeared in a Riverhead, Long Island courtroom where she was accusing her ex-husband Peter Cook of contempt. On the other hand, Mr. Cook is contending that Brinkley is the one violating their divorce agreement.

While Brinkley accused Cook of being a deadbeat Dad and sending antagonistic emails, Cook said that her claims were "meaningless." Mr. Cook, an architect who was married to Brinkley for 12 years, said that she's an ego maniac who is dragging their case through the courts to get publicity. According to Cook, he is raising their two children ages 13 and 16 by himself. Their attorneys have been unable to work things out between the former couple.

"Mr. Cook did not pay his child support, Mr. Cook did not pay the small fraction of the contribution that he was to pay toward his children's education," said Brinkley's attorney. "This is an angry, vindictive woman. My crimes against Christie Brinkley are six years old. I'm a great father of my children. This is absurd that we're here today," Cook said. Brinkley's divorce first made headlines in 2008 after Cook confessed to having an affair with his young 18-year-old assistant. Cook has said that he thinks that Ms. Brinkley is out for revenge.

Today, the former couple has moved on with their lives after their divorce. Brinkley has been travelling with the show Chicago and Cook has gone on to remarry. At the Rubenfeld Law Firm, we have been serving the residents of Long Island since 1960. Whether your divorce involves adultery, domestic violence or simply "growing apart," we can honestly say that we have seen it all and can handle both contested and uncontested divorces with the greatest of ease and confidence. Contact a Long Island divorce attorney from our firm for professional guidance with your family law matter.

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