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New York Couple Plans to Remarry 48 Years After Divorce


Like Hollywood, sometimes non-celebrity couples marry each other again after divorce. A New York couple plans to remarry 48 years after their divorce.

The couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis were divorced in 1964. The couple were married for 30 years and have four children. After splitting up, they each married other people who subsequently passed away.

The couple, now both 85 years old, plan on marrying each other for the second time on August 4, 2012 in Buffalo, New York.

Prior to this year, the couple had no face-to-face contact since splitting up, except for a funeral in 1996. However, they stayed in touch and kept up with each other’s lives through their children.

The couple demonstrates not only that it is never too late to get married, but that you may marry someone you never expected to marry.

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