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  • Ashley Madison Hack and How It Affects Divorce

    || 31-Aug-2015

    Ashley Madison – an organization that runs a dating website exclusively for married people searching for an affair in a confidential environment – has recently been hacked. The result of the cyber-attack was that nearly 40 million user accounts were exposed to the public eye – including their unknowing spouses. In wake of the exposure, there seems to be a sudden spike in divorce ...
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  • Who Gets What in My New York Divorce?

    || 22-Oct-2013

    Over the term of a marriage, there are various assets that have been accrued that are the property of both parties, called marital property. This is the property that will be divided between the two spouses in divorce. Property division can be a complex and highly contested issue, particularly in high net worth cases, or when the family home or other shared assets are matters of contention. Any ...
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