Blog Posts in 2013

  • How Could I Benefit from a Legal Separation in New York?

    || 6-Dec-2013

    In New York State, couples are given the option to become legally separated if they are, for one reason or another, hesitant to file for divorce. While some couples may choose to simply live apart, this does not constitute a legal separation. Rather, they must either enter into a legal separation agreement or seek a judgment of separation from the court—which is an option that is seldom ...
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  • Enforcing Payments for College Education

    || 4-Dec-2013

    Despite the economic setbacks that have impacted so many Americans' lives in recent years, college costs and tuition continue to rise. While millions of Americans have suffered from job losses and foreclosures which drove them into bankruptcy, if you live in Suffolk or Nassau County or anywhere else in the state of New York, you may be surprised to discover that your legal responsibility to ...
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  • What Happens If My Ex-Spouse Won't Pay Child Support?

    || 29-Nov-2013

    In New York State, it is assumed that both parents will support their child until the child becomes emancipated and/or reaches the age of 21. When one parent is ordered to pay child support, they are legally required to do so. In fact, a non-custodial parent could face serious legal consequences if they fail to uphold their end of the bargain—which applies to any facet of a divorce ...
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  • How Do I Modify a Child Custody Order in New York?

    || 27-Nov-2013

    As you may know, life is full of unexpected events. It is for this reason that you may now be faced with the need to modify or alter your current child custody arrangement. Even if you and your spouse had come to an agreement about the terms of your child's upbringing at the time of your divorce, things may have changed, making it necessary to reevaluate the situation. Fortunately, the ...
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  • What are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce in NY?

    || 25-Nov-2013

    If you have made the decision to legally end your marriage, you may be wondering what steps you can take to streamline the process of finalizing your divorce. Whether you are worried about how much it will cost, how long it will take or how much strain it will put on your family, it is important to understand that every case will be different. While some couples can't seem to agree on ...
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  • Who Gets What in My New York Divorce?

    || 22-Oct-2013

    Over the term of a marriage, there are various assets that have been accrued that are the property of both parties, called marital property. This is the property that will be divided between the two spouses in divorce. Property division can be a complex and highly contested issue, particularly in high net worth cases, or when the family home or other shared assets are matters of contention. Any ...
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  • Mother loses Custody after demeaning her child on Facebook

    || 19-Feb-2013

    A New York State Family Court awarded a father sole custody of the parties’ three children after the mother insulted the oldest child, a 10 year old boy, by calling the child an "asshole" on Facebook. The mother testified without remorse during a Family Court hearing, that she did so because that is what the child is, and that she wanted her friends to know it. This was one of the ...
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