Blog Posts in 2012

  • New York Couple Plans to Remarry 48 Years After Divorce

    || 1-Aug-2012

    Like Hollywood, sometimes non-celebrity couples marry each other again after divorce. A New York couple plans to remarry 48 years after their divorce. The couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis were divorced in 1964. The couple were married for 25 years and have four children. After splitting up, they each married other people who subsequently passed away. The couple, now both 85 years old, plan ...
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  • Over the last several decades we have become a very mobile society and moving is a relatively common experience. Sometimes after parties are divorced or separated there is an issue involving the relocation of the parties’ child by the custodial parent. A request by a custodial parent to move with a child away from the noncustodial parent to a distant location may present a major conflict ...
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  • Christie Brinkley Divorce Battle Continues

    || 9-Jul-2012

    Four years after their split, the battle between Christie Brinkley and former husband Peter Cook continues. Last June, Christie Brinkley appeared in a Riverhead, Long Island courtroom where she was accusing her ex-husband Peter Cook of contempt. On the other hand, Mr. Cook is contending that Brinkley is the one violating their divorce agreement. While Brinkley accused Cook of being a deadbeat Dad ...
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