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Are you considering a divorce in Islip? The prospect of a divorce and its many attendant issues can provoke intense emotional reactions, from fear, confusion, resentment, and anxiety to relief. Concerns about your children, your finances, your family home, business, or other property can be distressing and overwhelming. Decisions and arrangements will have to made, all a time when you may be feeling depressed, vulnerable, or unable to cope. At this troubled time in your life, you will need the skilled and effective guidance of a divorce lawyer who is highly-qualified in handling all the legal aspects of divorce and dedicated to protecting your interests and legal benefits throughout the process. That is the service an Islip divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Herbert Rubenfeld can provide.

Our firm is long on experience, since we have been providing divorce and family law service since 1960. We have built strong attorney-client relationships over those many years because we take our calling seriously by working with dedication and responsive personal attention to our client's needs. We are a traditional law firm that offers a wide range of divorce solutions, such as divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, and high net-worth divorce. We are confident that when you retain the services our lawyer, you will become a satisfied and continuing member of our legal family.

Whether you are involved in a complicated contested divorce or a simple uncontested divorce, we can help. We can safely and sanely guide you through the legal process, working to obtain as much in the way of property, custodial, financial, and other legal benefits as possible while minimizing the time, expense, and stress of legal proceedings.

At our firm, we understand how difficult divorce can be and work hard to help you resolve all of your legal issues as amicably as possible so that you can move on to the next, hopefully more satisfying, chapter in your life. We offer a free, initial consultation with a Suffolk County divorce attorney at the outset so that you can discuss your situation and get started right away.Do you need legal representation for a divorce in Islip? Contact our firm to discuss your divorce situation today!

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